Long Hair

Hair is a precious possession for every woman. It can turn you into a real princess in the male eye, but if not supported – could spoil everything.

To keep your hair in perfect condition is just as important as caring for the skin, combat cellulite and excess weight. We offer advice from experts iShape, which have a response for every hair type and every problem.

After the first part, we offer you and the other six tips for gorgeous hair:

7. Give your hair wet extra dose tenderness, love and care. Wet hair is more fragile than dry. So you should care overtime. In any case Do not rub wet hair with a towel until dry.

Carefully wrap the hair with a towel and allow it to absorb moisture. Then comb hair still wet with a brush or comb with rare and bigger teeth.

Do not use wooden brush or comb, since over time the moisture, tree and brush made chips from the brush, even the most invisible, can damage the hair.

8. Deep feeding every two weeks. This procedure nourishes the hair roots in depth and gives strength and all.

It is good to perform in hairdressing salons, but you can make at home, after consultation with a hairdresser, which product is right for your hair.

9. Dry your hair with ionic hairdryer. Ions are atoms with positive or negative charge.

These special hair fill your hair with negative ions that break down faster water molecules and contribute to better hydration.

Plus drying procedure is halved. Currently in our country such professional hair only in hairdressing salons.

10. When dry, use the terminal hair dryer. This is the best way to prevent unwanted curling. Nozzles allow to dry hair to desired sections, not the spirit to flow in all directions.

Without nozzle also reotanat The hair becomes too hot. Approaching flow to your hair without cap, you might burn it or dry too.

If you have curly hair use a diffuser nozzle type and carefully dry your hair.

And beware: whatever type of hair dryer must be at least 20 inches from your hair.Naturally, when her hair done or have the hairdresser, depending on the manipulation may have striking hair dryer is a much closer distance.

11. Pause. When you can, give your hair a break from painting and treatment. If you have several weeks would be ideal. Meanwhile Moisturize your hair with masks and conditioner, but nothing more.

12. Use the appropriate accessories. Adorn with soft ribbons or drawstrings, as well as metal hairpins, rather than plastic slides can tear your hair.


Little secret for beautiful and healthy hair

The cause of hair problems often neglect to care for it or simply a lack of necessary knowledge about what is useful and what – harmful.
Proper hair care is the most simple and affordable way to protect the health and beauty, and in some cases – to stop the fall and to give shine and strength.
The greatest damage to our hair cause such popular means of beautification such as chemical waving, dyeing, use of tools for bending, Phoebe, lastichetata. If your hair is short, replace The rubber with slides, and to breathe the scalp and hair to remain shiny, always remove his hat in the room. Back in the summer – wear light Panama hat.
Choose combs with rounded teeth and replace them as soon as often. Wash combs and brushes with soap and never use old and broken rails, which traumatize the hair and carrying bacteria on it.

Follow the experts!

Wash your hair with warm but not hot water, according to the degree of pollution, and do not hold shampoo on long hair. Do not abuse shampoos “2 in 1″ and also with cosmetic shampoos against dandruff, which violate the balance of the skin. If your doctor has recommended such a shampoo, it must buy from the pharmacy and use it only during treatment.
After washing hair rinse mandatory in January as soon as warm water – that her shine and easier combing. It is useful in the rinse water to add vinegar or lemon juice in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of the bucket of water – this will strengthen the hair shine.
Keep damp hair – do not comb, do not rub too intense with the cloth. The wet hair is very easy to injure. Try not to wash hair immediately before going out to use as possible, rarely shower. After washing, blot hair with a towel and then dry to fresh air. Do not lie down to sleep with wet hair and do not go in the street with wet hair – it reflects badly on the hair follicles.
If you still have to use a dryer, use the system to warm, not hot air and keep the device is not closer than 20 cm from the hair (the best distance is 40 cm). Directing the stream from roots to ends and do not keep long warm air at the same spot on the head.
Pour a glass of water for washing your hair, add to it a spoon of shampoo and mix. Then leave the mixture to settle for several minutes. If the water appears sludge-like quark, then shampoo reacts with some substances in water, and that means washing the shampoo from your hair will be very difficult. If water in your area is too hard and it has a very different matter, boil water for washing your hair or use filtered wate